Our Priorities

Safety is our number one priority and we encourage all Village Shuttle riders to review safe riding tips. Our drivers are professionals and go through hours of training necessary for our road conditions and mountain environment. Our safety record is stellar, all due to dedicated staff, smart riders, and close collaboration with our Police Department and Public Works Departments. 

On-Time, Efficient Service
You can rely on us to get you where you need to go on-time. 

Service with a Smile
We offer a different type of public transportation experience, one worthy of our world-class resort status. You will always find our drivers to be helpful, and true ambassadors to our community. 

Our entire fleet is kept clean to ensure a pleasant riding experience.

We are committed to your rights under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Learn more about our non-discrimination policies.

The Environment
Snowmass Village is a beautiful place and we want to keep it that way. Because we are so proud of our backyard, our buses are maintained by the Town's Fleet Maintenance Division who ensures we are meeting the Environmental Protection Agency's clean air standards. Also, by encouraging ridership, we can remove hundreds of personal passenger vehicles, which are the biggest contributors of carbon emissions in Snowmass Village, from our roads each day.

We strive to offer great transportation services to individuals with disabilities, and achieve full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. Learn more about services we offer.

Tell us how We're Doing

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